My first ever blog post…

SerenityThis is my very first post. The instructions say I should use it to state why I’m writing this blog. This initial effort won’t be a long one but if you like it and want more please feel free to share with others as it would be nice to have more readers than just my kids who I will obviously force to digest every word in order to secure the food, clothing, shelter etc. they need to survive.

My reasons for starting a blog are varied and range from a desire to provide more honesty, detail and insight into areas of my life that I only touch on through Facebook and Twitter to just a selfish need to satisfy the enjoyment I get from putting a whole loads of words together in a way that hopefully make people smile or provide something they can relate to. I’ve thought about doing it for a while and got some lovely feedback when I asked a few friends if I should make the effort (although maybe they were just being nice – time will tell). The main reason for starting though was an interaction I had in a Pub not that long ago. I won’t embarrass the person by naming them but they spoke to me about a post I’d left on Facebook and how my words meant something to them and that they’d wanted to see me so they could thank me for sharing them. I know it wasn’t the kind of thing they would usually talk about but it meant everything to me and if this blog has that impact just one more time on one more person then it will be worthwhile.

The plan is to write about what happens to me as the year progresses and to share thoughts, observations, middle aged man type complaints and moans etc. but hopefully to do it in a way that gives the reader at least the occasional smile. What will be, will be but I’m sure we will all learn more together about my often challenging relationships with the opposite sex, the sheer brilliance of my children, grief and the battle I am currently fighting with anxiety and depression (honesty and openness), the need to find some form of employment at some point in the future and what I am cooking for that particular nights meal. I’d like whatever I write to be interactive so please feel free to comment as you feel compelled.

For those unfamiliar with it the words in the image at the top of this post are from the Serenity Prayer. I want them to be my guiding words this year but let’s see how well I do.

The next post will be funnier I promise….


Phill Slater

8 thoughts on “My first ever blog post…

  1. You have a real knack for engaging writing. I am looking forward to reading your year in blogs they really make me smile.

  2. I went to follow you via the WordPress Reader tool but don’t see a button to do that. Is there one that I missed? Thanks for letting me know. And thanks for your openness about what you’re exploring during this year of blogging!

    1. Hi, thanks for reading. It disappeared when I installed a plugin and I don’t know how to get it back (still learning). You can enter your email at the bottom if you’d like to follow that way.

  3. I thought I’d have a look through for your first ever post which I see you wrote almost 18 months ago now. To see you were concerned that your children would necessarily be your only readers and to see you’ve now got over 50,000 viewers! That’s cause you’re a talent. Unique, funny, interesting, stronger than you think and a bit of a turnip tbf!

    I’m so pleased you’ve been writing new material…3 in one week. Keep doing what makes you happy. You deserve ‘happy’! You’re better at this than you think.

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