Budapest Diary: Friday 26th January (Part One)

This might end up being a bit haphazard as I need to write it on my phone. There’s also a very small possibility that I may be kidnapped and forced to drink alcohol at gunpoint so don’t hold any bad spelling/grammar against me. I also apologise in advance for any dodgy pictures or videos.

I’m actually planning to do a lot of the tourist things I never did all the times I worked in Budapest so I should be able to share a bit of culture as well.

Currently at the Airport drinking a Latte (how times of changed). I actually paid for it with my own money as well which makes a change from my usual trips to Eastern Europe. There’s a few stag do’s here so I might make friends with them and end up in Amsterdam instead….

Update: Sat on the plane, delayed by an hour due to fog. The good news is I’ve been supplied with a free apple juice so I’m still feeling relatively chipper. I’m inventing the ‘back story’ of the passengers sat nearby to pass the time. We have an active serial killer, a spy, a former fashion model and a lion tamer so far. I’m now focusing on a very tall man who could have been the actor in the ‘Jolly Green Giant’ adverts or Chewbaca from Star Wars….

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