Sunday musings…

Staring at my phone so thought I’d write something instead.

It’s amazing how life is like a game of snakes and ladders only someone has stolen most of the ladders. In the end that will be a good thing as shortcuts rob you of the beauty of the journey.

I think there’s nothing more beautiful than my children in their pyjamas once they’ve had their Sunday shower and hair washed.

Adele is angry with me again.

I made her hope I was the one for her. Knowing I’m not makes her very unhappy.

I had pizza for tea. I like pizza. I prefer lamb chops.

I think some people think I’m nicer than I really am.

I think some people think I’m not as nice as I really am.

Even though I’ve no interest in American Football I might watch the Super Bowl tonight because I can.

I’ve thought a lot about my Dad lately.

I’ll almost certainly be sleeping on a sofa tonight but I have two sofas so which one it will be is still to be decided. I may let them fight it out.

One of my friends is mad at me. I bet he’s not as mad at me as I am.

I think the Firehouse Chief in Chicago Fire embodies everything I would expect to see in a leader. So does the Headmistress at my sons school.

This is one of those posts I’ll probably regret publishing but these are my words right now and I want the blog to be my truth, even when it’s difficult.

I do need to write a few more light hearted posts though. You deserve it.

Liverpool were robbed.

Spurs deserved a draw.

I’m actually having quite a good hair day.

There’s some things next week I’m looking forward to and dreading at the same time. More than one. More than two.

My favourite Roxy Music song is ‘More than This’.

The drugs do work but you have to work with them.

Love is…

Life is beautiful, it really is.

2 thoughts on “Sunday musings…

  1. “One of my friends is mad at me. I bet he’s not as mad at me as I am.” 😂 can’t stop laughing on that one as I can totally relate to it right now. What an eased out and true to heart post. Loved it

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