Five things I love about myself…

Five things I love about myself comes from the Blogging world though so, as a relative newcomer whose still trying to get their approval, because I’ve been nominated I thought I better give it a shot. It’s usually the kind of thing I avoid like the plague if I’d seen it on Facebook but this is a different community, a different world.

I did also think it might be interesting to measure the reaction to this post on the various platforms I generally share them with. It’s not an exact science but I’m beginning to know my audience and I suspect this will be enjoyed in some places and universally loathed elsewhere. We shall see…

My nomination came from Lana Cole. She’s been very supportive of my early efforts so maybe go check her out when you’ve done finding out what I love, or at least don’t hate, about me.

1. I love that I find it hard to think of five things about me that I love. If I’d been asked to come up with five things about me I hate, I’d also select finding it difficult to think of five things that I love.

Because much of my blog is about me, this particular post is clearly about me, then I have to be careful that I don’t come across, to those who don’t know me, as selfish and self centred.

Deep down I really don’t think I’m either of these things, no more than the norm. A lot of my current issues are probably down to not being this way enough over the years. They say ‘nice guys finish last’. Whether that’s true or not remains to be seen but they certainly run a very challenging race.

2. I’m an excellent kisser. Now it’s not impossible that several, maybe even more than that if you count my male friends who always try and snog me when they’re drunk, have first hand experience of this and can either confirm or deny. If they confirm then, I told you so. If it’s a denial then I think they’re getting me mixed up with someone else and they should meet me behind the bike sheds next Thursday for another try. Bring your puncture repair kit.

3. My Depression. I obviously don’t love many things about it. It’s been challenging and has caused a lot of pain to myself and those around me. It’s definitely given me a more empathetic perspective on what others might be going through though. Where some might see a shy, rude, quiet, arrogant person, I tend to check those impressions and wonder if there’s a battle they’re fighting that manifests itself through these behavioural traits. Being able to see things this way, better than I could before, makes me see that there are always positives to every situation. Every cloud really does have a silver lining.

4. Is it a bit obvious to say I love my sense of humour? It’s probably my unique selling point and when used for good I’m glad I have it primed to call upon in my hour of need. I’m not sure I’d say I was the funniest person in the world but I’m definitely up there near the Jimmy Crankie and Orville the Duck’s of this world.

5. When it really, really comes down to it I have a good heart. Day to day, moment to moment there are others who make more of an effort than me but if you really need me, whether I know you or not, I’d be there. Would I die for a stranger? It’s not completely impossible that I would not. Do you believe that? If you’re a stranger probably best not to test it as who knows what would happen in the moment.

I don’t love easily and I don’t love many people but when I do their happiness is far more important than my own. That I’m one hundred percent sure about.

6. My left foot. I’m not sure how someone who is generally useless at anything where my hands are required was blessed with a left foot that can do the things mine can. Sometimes I like to say, only partly in jest, that I was born without a left foot. Instead I have a magic wand in its place.

7. Having no sense of direction. I have the worse sense of direction of anyone I’ve ever known. Perhaps it’s my wondering mind but I can get lost in my own house. On the upside, I’ve been to some beautiful, interesting places and met some of the kindest souls due to my inability to get from A to B effectively.

8. I love that counting to five is another thing that’s not a strong point. Gives me more scope for writing things I love about myself.

I hope this isn’t too painful to read. The crux of it is that I really don’t love myself at all. I love you though.

My nominations are all of my blog followers whoever and wherever you are. Let’s spread the self love. ❤️

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