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There’s a place I like to go, where everybody knows my name and they’re always glad I came… accept they’re not.

I’ve been frequenting an online forum of late. Although it’s partly affiliated to a particular football team, it’s the part of the forum where anything goes that I like the best.

It’s called the ‘General Forum’ and it’s used to discuss any topic other than said football team. Any mention of them or the sport they play is strictly frowned upon.

Not surprisingly, given the team they all support, you won’t find an online forum anywhere with a greater average intelligence among its posters or a more diverse range of subjects being discussed.

You should all really give it a look. There is a subscription element that provides some extra content but the quality of this isn’t relevant. The website is the main source of income for its head honcho so just pay up and keep him in the level of luxury his hard work deserves.

I’ve been what’s known as a ‘lurker’ on the forum for several years. This refers to someone who frequents the site but never contributes anything. Only recently have I begun to post and it’s been a lot of fun.

It’s probably fair to say that I’m not the most popular contributor due to the, for want of a better word, shit nature of the topics I create discussions around. So far I’ve started the following:

1. Blogging.

This is basically just a thread aimed at promoting this blog. The fact that I’m a new contributor and I’m using an established forum to link to my blog brings apoplectic rage.

By this I mean established forum users visit the thread, call me a c*nt and tell me they’d never read any of the shit I write. Currently I get more clicks into this blog from this forum than anywhere else other than Facebook so I take their ‘feedback’ with a pinch of salt.

It will be interesting to see how many click on this link once they see a title that may, or may not, be about them.

2. Best looking forum member.

This was really interesting. I posted a picture of myself as the first nomination and invited feedback.

Honestly, I was expecting them to assess the average level of my looks and laugh me out of forum town but this didn’t happen. Clearly my definition of average was different to theirs and I was basically dragged through virtual hot coals for daring to post a picture of myself.

They have this thing called ‘negs and reps’. Basically, members have the power to ‘rep’ you if they like what you write or ‘neg’ you if they don’t. Apparently this thread has generated a very high number of negs. I’m quite proud of this but I wasn’t even really trying.

3. Forum improvements.

I’ve started a couple of threads on this topic. One went better than the other as they were beginning to be on to me before the second one was posted.

In the first one I suggested that the, subscription only, member forum should be merged with the, open to everyone, football forum. Now, there are some really good reasons why they have this.

One is because there are a couple of members who do seem to have access to confidential transfer information that can’t really be shared in the public domain.

Another is a desire to limit the number of ‘nutters’ posting on what is a sensible platform for discussion. There is also an established hierarchy, however, so I used this to challenge how this aligns to the values of the city of Liverpool and the football club that play in red. I’m sure you can imagine how this went.

The second went less well as I suggested the setting up of a quality control filter to stop people posting a load of rubbish on the forum. Clearly, even the most gullible of forumites weren’t buying this.

Obviously I’ve been on a bit of a wind up but I’ve actually got a lot of respect for the forum and those who post on it. There’s some excellent discussions on a whole range of subjects, including; current affairs, health and well-being, film/television reviews, travel advice etc. Some of them are very funny as well. That Scouse wit rubs off on all.

Some of the regular contributors are sharp cookies so make sure you’re well informed if you decide to enter into conversations with them There’s a decent number of regular female posters which gives balance to some of the discussions. It is still male dominated though so there are one or two threads you might want to skip past if it’s not your thing.

Anyway, give it a look. It’s a lot better than Facebook. Don’t tell them I sent you though, you probably won’t receive a hero’s welcome. If you like it, subscribe and/or click on the adverts to make its owner rich beyond his wildest dreams.

8 thoughts on “The Forum…

  1. Nice. Deffo start a thread on the ‘established hierarchy’. It’ll be a great success!! Peace and love, Jennings.

    1. That reminds me. You’re partly to blame for my ban. I didn’t see you ‘stepping up’ and debating the issue when I started this thread.

      p.s. I didn’t lie about the other thing either. Sometimes things do happen that are unlikely.

    1. Ha, ha. I get banned and you start reading. Feel free to check out future posts you’ll hate.

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for the message. It’s really appreciated.

      Despite this post, I was never on a serious wind up. Some ‘light teasing’ perhaps but nothing more than is seen multiple times by multiple posters every day.

      I also never lied about anything. Some details mixed up around number of days worked etc. but nothing else. It’s understandable why some of the things I wrote upset people though, I do get that. A couple of my threads, job required and hierarchy were actually suggested to me by other posters and I just went along with it.

      Particularly upsetting to be accused of ‘never having had depression’. Not just for me personally, but this is part of the challenges sufferers sometimes face.

      The picture was me as well. If I was going to put a false picture up, I’d hardly of selected that one.

      Anyway, I was very upset to be banned and it sounds as though some members have been a little snidey in their complaints to Dave about me.

      I’ve never been banned from an Internet forum before though so at least that’s some kind of an achievement.

      Thanks again.


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