I’m happy when…

My children are laughing.

The sun has got his/her hat on.

I get the crackling just right on a roast pork.

The Reds make it six in Kiev 🙏.

I’m swimming in the sea.

Max when he gives me a little wave as I go meet him from school.

I’ve slept well.

You are happy.

I see what amazing women my sisters have become.

I kiss someone I love.

They kiss me back.

I have half a twix left.

Something I write moves, amuses, provokes thought or simply makes someone smile.

Sitting in my beautiful garden on a sunny early morning with a cup of coffee.

I find a tin-opener that isn’t the enemy of a left handed person.

I find the words I want to say.

My brother takes any kind of step forward (there’ll always be bumps in the road kid but haul yourself over them and keep on going).

I’m with all my closest friends at the cricket on a sunny afternoon sharing a beer or five.

Adele seems happy.

The kitten goes an hour without biting me, tripping me up on the stairs, or pouncing on me from some hiding place or other.

I have an idea for my next slow cooker creation – pork with apples and cider anyone?

The dishwasher doesn’t need emptying.

I get a text message.

I’m telling one of my kids we bought him from the reject bin in a shop for 99p.

I’m telling the other he’s an alien who crashed his blue rocket in our garden and we took him in.

I get a strange sensation that people care about me more than I can get my head around (this also terrifies me but that’s not for this post).

I make people laugh out loud (although not when they lol, I hate making people abbreviate).

I’m feeding the ducks (note to self: do this tomorrow with Max).

When things are quiet and still.

Someone rubs noses with me like the eskimos do.

I attend Fish and chip restaurants (especially when it’s ‘kids eat free’).

I see my Auntie’s unwavering support for all the nonsense I put on Facebook.

I have a hangover free Sunday morning.

The total cost of my shopping is revealed at the Aldi Supermarket checkout.

I’m with Max.

I’m with Charlie.

I’m with Max.

I’m with Charlie.

I’m with Max.

I’m with Charlie.

I get called ‘Blog w*nker’ on TLW. I’m sure it’s just a term of affection.

People read my blog from TLW.

Anybody reads my blog (especially when they comment).

I have pineapple on pizza.

I have beans on a fry up.

I get to spend a single second with people who make me happy. There are so few of them, my fault not theirs.

I get my goodnight fist bump from Charlie.

I get my goodnight punch from Max.

I’m not locked out.

I have hope for the future.

I just am for no particular reason.

What makes you happy? I hope you’re happy always.

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