Agony Uncle…

Welcome to my problem page.

Do you have a problem you need some terrible advice on?

You’ve come to the right place. I know absolutely nothing about anything but I’m prepared to ‘give it a go’ in the interests of nobody.

Please post your questions, problems etc. in the comments section below and I will provide you with a completely useless response as soon as I’ve finished my breakfast/mid morning snack/elevenses/lunch/afternoon tea/dinner/supper/midnight snack.

If you have anybody else you know would get no benefit whatsoever from my guidance then please feel free to share.


17 thoughts on “Agony Uncle…

  1. Why have you started a problem page to help others when you can’t solve your own problems?

    1. Pepperoni and pineapple. I like the taste and how much it annoys people who think pineapple on pizza is a terrible idea. Win/Win.

    1. This is an easy one:

      1. Never post anything
      2. If you must post, copy something I’ve written. Nobody will read it.
      3. Make sure anything you do write has loads of grammatical errors. People love that.
      4. Find an internet group with interests the opposite of what you’re writing about and share a link there.
      5. Change the name of your blog to; ‘Dontbotherreadingthisnonsense’.

      Your traffic will go through the roof if you consider a decrease to zero readers as ‘going through the roof’.

      Hope this helps.

  2. I first want to say this is the funniest post I have yet to read so thank you for the giggle this morning. My question is have you had ben and jerry’s half baked ice cream because I can’t see how you could ever be content with plain ole vanilla if you have?

    1. Thanks for the feedback and the question. To answer I have to admit I haven’t so I’ll give it a go once I’ve finished off the 264 cartons of vanilla still in my freezer.

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