We are at war…


We are at war with our politicians

Who don’t prioritise our mental health

Who develop policies that make us unwell

Who let others pick up the pieces

Who only pretend to care

We are at war with our employers

Who treat our well-being as an afterthought

Who put profit before people

Who allow cultures of stress and blame

Who don’t do enough to care

We are at war with so many people

Who deny our illness is real

Who choose to look the other way

Who treat us with contempt

Who don’t even pretend to care

We are at war with our families

Who love but don’t understand

Who look at us through disappointed eyes

Who wish we weren’t as we are

Who are finding it hard to still care

We are at war with our friends

Who don’t see us as they once did

Who give much more than they get

Who put duty before desire

Who shouldn’t really have to care

We are at war with each other

Who leave us to fight on alone

Who make us see what we’ll become

Who add to our grief and despair

Who we know are unable to care

We are at war with ourselves

Who are we to be so weak

Who can no longer trust our own thoughts

Who feel shame for the way we feel

Who are losing the will to self care

All we want is peace


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20 thoughts on “We are at war…

  1. This on-going war continues amongst all – in government or the people who are governed including with ourselves too. Thanks sharing beautiful lines.

  2. The truth behind door…. we all pretend that all is well while we die in silence..Someone needs to stir us up.
    Am thinking, Could this be a holy war? even If it is, we won’t stir ourselves up for the sake of our generation, but if we don’t, we die and leave in pain all our days

  3. Wise words. We all must do a far better job at listening to each other with the intent to understand and assist versus just listening to reply (often with empty words and promises). Thanks for the beautifully written reality check!

  4. Thank you for providing some insight into what’s behind the door of mental health. And kudos to you for writing it as many people will not touch the subject

  5. I really appreciate your honesty. It’s hard to do what you just did, and I hope that it opens communication for you like it did for me last year when I did a similar thing with “Still Here”.

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