Song/Story Titles…

Next blog post: Your help required 👍.

I would like to write something a little more uplifting next week and I need your expert assistance to help me do it.

The plan is to write a number of (very) short stories based on song titles provided by you; e.g. If I was to create something around ‘Stand and Deliver’ by Adam and the Ants I might tell the story of a pizza delivery boy and his close encounter with a fugitive hiding from the long arm of the law.

I’d like to dedicate each story to the person who gives me the title so let me know if you’d prefer your name to be Mr/Miss/Mrs Anonymous.

If you have a blog I’ll link your story back to your site so you can benefit from my tens of readers.

You can reply with your suggestion here, through one of the social media buttons, text me on 07803 898316 or email me at

If I get loads (which I very much doubt) I won’t be able to do them all but let’s see what happens….

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