Ace of Spades…

Ace of Spades is dedicated to Rachel Anna Winstanley.

Thanks to Motörhead for the loan of their song title.

She didn’t see it at first. It was only when she turned round to lock her front door behind her that she noticed it.

A single playing card, face down, on her doormat. Reaching down to pick it up she turned it over. It was the Ace of Spades. Holding it out in front of her she studied it for a moment, the obvious questions immediately racing through her mind.

Who put it there? Why did they put it there? What is the significance of this particular card?

Then she remembered.

She’d put it there herself in order to trump her boyfriend the next time he called over.

He’d recently undergone surgery to become the ten of hearts. Although she’d tried to be supportive when he’d told her he could no longer live a lie, and would be undergoing reassignment surgery, she’d struggled with the changing dynamic in their relationship and wanted out.

Talking to him about her feelings had proven very challenging since the surgery. Every time she tried he’d bellow ‘higher’ or ‘lower’ at her until she gave up.

The only thing he seemed to understand was the power of the pack of cards. She knew he would accept defeat when faced with the Ace of Spades so she’d left it for him to find when she went to bed the previous evening.

It didn’t take long to test her theory. Entering her flat using the spare key she’d given him during happier times there was a silence, followed by a squeal, followed by a crashing sound as he slumped to the floor.

After a short time she peered from behind the sofa and saw that she was free. He was lying flat on his back with the Ace of Spades on top of him. The trick had been won and it wasn’t by him.

She could now follow her heart. Walking into the kitchen she caught sight of her new love. He’d helped her come up with the plan and now they could be together.

The two lovers would be married within the year and Mr and Mrs Toaster would live happily ever after.

They never played cards again.


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