Ten photographs…

Ten photographs.

I’ve not really had the motivation to blog properly this week. I wanted to post something though so I thought I’d share some photographs with you. Hope you like them:

1. Garden

This is a photograph of my garden. The garden is one of the main reasons I bought the house I live in. It really is beautiful and you can find different things to love about it, almost every day. Before my time it won awards but now it’s just a space for calm and reflection.

2. Charlie

This is a photograph of Charlie. He is my eldest son and my hero. He’ll be fourteen next month and is trying hard to be a ‘teenager’ but hasn’t quite got it nailed yet. He’s just too kind, inquisitive, soft hearted and energetic to pull it off properly.

3. Max

This photograph is Max. He is my youngest son and my best friend. I hope I don’t sound big headed if I say that I’ve got quite a good sense of humour but I’ve got nothing on Jonesy (my nickname for him). He’s the funniest person in the universe and I love him so much it hurts.

4. Adele

Adele is the mother of my children, housemate, gardener, partner, screaming match opponent, friend, enemy and my moral conscience. It’s sometimes complicated but she’s amazing and beautiful always.

5. Liverpool FC

My first love and still the thing I go to sleep thinking about more often than not. It used to be that I couldn’t eat if they lost, it still ruins my day when they do and makes it when they win. The photograph is of Liverpool fans waiting to welcome their team to a home game.


6. Dad

A photograph of Dr Geoff Slater. My Dad died a little over a year ago. I’d failed completely to realise what impact he’d had on my life until he was gone. I’m fortunate that he visits me as a Robin Redbreast so we can still talk or I really would be in trouble.

7. Mum

My Mother is exasperating. She’s also fantastic. What else is there to say!

8. Friends

I couldn’t find a photograph with all my closest friends and didn’t want to leave anyone out so I selected one that reminded me of them when they’re all together.

They’re clowns but I love them and need them more than I could ever find the words to express.

9. Three Sisters, One Brother

A rare photograph of Sarah, Amy, Anna and Alistair. My Siblings are very different but have shared so much. I’m proud of all of them in different ways and I’m lucky to be able to call myself their brother.

10. Me

A work in progress, forty five years in the making. I’ve made some mistakes but, deep down, I’m ok. I’d probably have a drink with me but I wouldn’t want to live with me 24/7.

10 thoughts on “Ten photographs…

  1. Ayup Phil,just come back from Spenners funeral,great service,much love was expressed.you take care mate,Myles.

    1. Thanks, glad it all passed off as well as these things can. You take care as well. X

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