Male Suicide Awareness…

Male Suicide Awareness.

Let’s also recognise, when debating the topic of ‘Male Suicide Awareness’, that going from silence to accessing formal psychological therapies is, for some, a huge step.

We need to create a culture where men feel it’s ok to talk, we need to learn to recognise the signs and quietly offer to lend an ear.

It’s important that men who take any kind of step are not made to feel any less of a man for doing so.

We all need to learn how to talk to stop men from suffering in silence.

Fathers, brothers, sons, grandsons, grandads, uncles, nephews, cousins, colleagues and friends are dying before their time.

It’s time to talk.

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6 thoughts on “Male Suicide Awareness…

  1. Well said! Thanks for this post and I agree, men need to know that it’s ok to share their feelings. It doesn’t make them any less of a man.

    1. and I really hope that people listen to men and not make fun or ignore their feelings.

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