Wednesday words…

Wednesday words…

Wednesday by Wikipedia

I was born on a Wednesday.

Apparently Wednesday’s child is full of woe.

I’m only half full of woe. The rest of me is full of cheese toasties.

And jelly babies.

Wednesday is hump day.

If you have low mood on a Wednesday you have the hump on the hump.

Sheffield have a Wednesday and a United.

You can see Wednesday play football on a Wednesday but United don’t have a day named after them.

Wednesday play football on other days of the week but are still called Wednesday.

Most people aren’t confused by this.

Apart from Americans.

Although they have footballers who are Cowboys.

And Redskins.

And Dolphins.

Who don’t even play football properly.

I like how Wednesday is spelt Wed-nes-day.

All the other days are spelt as they sound. I think the fact that Wednesday isn’t gives it a certain je nais said quoi.

Wednesday in French is Mercredi.

Trust the French to make Wednesday sound sexy.

Don’t trust the French on a Wednesday, or any other day for that matter.

Or the Italians.

You’re probably on safe ground with Norwegians.

The daughter in the Addams family is called Wednesday.

Her surname is Addams.

In case you were wondering.

I wonder if the Bangles ever had a Manic Wednesday.

Or the Rolling Stones ever said goodbye Ruby Wednesday.

Or Blondie sang about a Wednesday girl.

Or Elton John thought Wednesday night was alright for fighting.

Probably not.

I’ve always thought Thursday is a little jealous of Wednesday.

Wednesday has an Ash. Thursday has to make do with being Maundy.

Nobody knows what Maundy even means.

Maundy sounds a bit like Monday.

Everybody hates Monday’s.

Apart from the Boomtown Rats as it made them rich.

Ash was obviously a character in Casualty.

Before he died and had Wednesday named after him.

Don’t tell the football team. They think it was named after them.

Have sweet Wednesday dreams.


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  1. I’m a Wednesday child too and you’ve made me chuckle tonight so thanks matey. Glad to be in same gang as you Phil!

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