Blog update

Dear Readers,

You will begin to notice advertising banners appearing on some of my posts for some products/services provided by Amazon.

The blog is approaching six months old and has, so far, been run completely without advertising.

One thing I’ve learned is that the type of blog I create will never make me a millionaire. I’m comfortable with that as it’s never really been the point.

It would be helpful, however, to start making a little money from it to cover hosting costs and to buy me the odd coffee to consume while I write. For a whole variety of reasons my income is not what it was so anything I can earn from this blog will help.

It’s important to me that any advertising doesn’t dominate my posts and that what’s being sold is ethical, relevant and of good quality.

If you are an Amazon shopper anyway then it would be extremely helpful if you access their site through a banner link on one of my posts. It won’t cost you anything, other than an additional couple of clicks but it will benefit me.

In the future I may write posts specifically aligned to certain products and/or services but if I do that I’ll be upfront about it.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Kind regards


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