Friday photos…

Here’s some photographs for your delectation.

1. Charlie and Max

This is one of my favourite photographs. My two scoundrels. It was taken in Portugal on a holiday we went on with some of my friends and their families.

2. Max in 3D

I can’t remember what film it was but Max liked his glasses.

3. Ferry across the Mersey

I obviously sung the song the whole way across. The boys refused to sit with me for some reason.

4. Craig Tomlinson

Craig is wonderful apart from when he’s robbing me by charging an extortionate amount to run a kitty.

5. Alan Haigh

Alan is pro Brexit. He’s also anti everything I’m in favour of as his default setting. We used to share a hotel room all across Europe. Those were the days.

I send him a link to every blog post I write. He deletes every one without reading it.

6. Julian (Gaz) Brook

This lad can turn his hand to anything. Apart from building a barbecue for me after an afternoon drinking session. We once had a punch up in the Club after a political debate. Not my finest hour.

7. James Mullooly

I’ve included a picture of James looking cool as he’s the most uncool person the world has ever seen. He’s also incapable of making a decision, is rubbish at sport and needs his wife to dress him.

He’s also the best person I know.

8. The real James

Needs no further comment.

9. Paul Kitchen

Paul is very conscious of his appearance. He will hate that I included this photo here. That’s why I did it.

10. Darren Pitchforth

Darren used to sell snakes. Now he sells Wakefield Trinity merchandise.

11. Adele

Adele in the kitchen at the first house we shared together. This may have been the last time she smiled at me, other than when some misfortune or other comes my way.

12. View from the dugouts at the Nou Camp

I spent a good amount of time just sitting there imagining what might have been if it wasn’t of my horrific knee injury all those years ago.

13. Bill Shankly

One of the greatest football managers that ever lived but, more importantly, one of the greatest men that ever lived. Liverpool supporters owe him everything.

14. A night at the cricket

I think I was already in the pub when this photograph was taken. One of many great nights out with my brothers in arms.

15.Big Chief and Little Chief

Me trying to look like a tough Indian Chief rather than a Smurf.

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