Yorkshire’s Ten Commandments…

Yorkshire’s Ten Commandments.

A little stereotypical perhaps but I am a Yorkshireman so I’m allowed to tease my fellow white rose brothers and sisters a little. I think anybody who’s spent any time in Yorkshire will know that it has some of the most beautiful scenery to be found anywhere in the British Isles and its people are some of the finest you will find anywhere.

1. Thou shalt not listen to anything spoken by a southern softie ever.

2. Thou shall refer to Yorkshire as ‘Gods Own Country’ at all times.

3. Thou shalt never admit to being wrong especially when clearly wrong.

4. Thou shall sing ‘On Ilkley Moor Baht’at’ as loud as possible in order to drown out any rendition of ‘God Save the Queen’.

5. Thou shall avoid spending money at all costs apart from food for the ferrets or pints of Tetley’s bitter.

6. Thou shalt never allow anything made in Lancashire over the threshold of a Yorkshire homestead. This includes; Hot Pot, Eccles Cakes and Peter Kay.

7. Thou shall take no interest in politics at a national level but vote for Brexit regardless.

8. Thou shall end any discussion about cricket with an impression of Geoff Boycott or Fred Trueman. Anybody found adding an impression of Richie Benaud to the joviality will be banned from using the dominos in the tap room until Yorkshire gains independence from the rest of the United Kingdom.

9. Thou shalt never admit to Rugby Union being a better game than Rugby League despite all evidence to the contrary.

10. Thou shall put ‘Yorkshireman’ on any form asking for a nationality to be declared and argue the toss with any type of officialdom should this be queried in any way.

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3 thoughts on “Yorkshire’s Ten Commandments…

  1. I do agree…With the exception of Peter Kaye! He has overcome the obstacle of coming from Lancashire and most importantly – he really makes me laugh! 😂

    1. It’s a big County but, in no particular order:

      1. York
      2. Whitby
      3. Any Yorkshire Dales Village
      4. Leeds (if you like shopping)
      5. Pen y Ghent (nicest and easiest to climb of the three peaks)

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