Eight limericks for no reason at all….

Eight limericks.

There was an old horse called Mable

Who didn’t have satellite but had cable

She lived in a house

As quiet as a mouse

For fear of being returned to the stable

There was a young man called Jim

Who’d be described as nice but terribly dim

He once went to Hull

Ate chips until full

And then jumped in the sea for a swim

There once was a lady called Daisy

Whose memory was now somewhat hazy

She misplaced her slippers

Set fire to her kippers

And thought she was really Patrick Swayze

There once was a dog called cat

Who owned some welly’s and a hat

He squeaked like a mouse

Was the size of a house

And smelled very strongly of rat

There once was a boy called Bert

Who gave a chinese burn until it hurt

For a bounty of a tuppence

He got his comeuppance

When red sauce was poured down his shirt

There once was a girl called Shirl

Who loved to dance and twirl

She did the Foxtrot

And hit the jackpot

By marrying her partner young Earl

There was an old man named Bob

Who never in his life had a job

He couldn’t care less

That his life was a mess

And his wife had to go out on the rob

There once a hare called Lynn

Who was rather to fond of a gin

When adding a tonic

She became supersonic

In a race with a tortoise she’d win

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