He did not act alone…

He did not act alone…

My heart was beating as I made my way to the position we’d agreed during the months of planning.

Today we would change the course of history.

The streets were busy with people and the atmosphere was one of excitement and good humour.

I wondered if he was ready.

There was a small boy walking just ahead of me. Holding hands with a pretty lady who I presumed was his mother.

We were doing this for him.

Many in the crowd were waving their flags. Waiting to catch a glimpse of him as he was driven past.

They would see their leader die today.

I felt for the gun I had in my jacket pocket. Slowly stroking the trigger I became very calm.

Our cause was worth whatever came next.

There was still space on the small grassy knoll. I had the perfect vantage point from which to carry out my duty.

They were almost in sight.

I thought of him in these final few moments. I knew he could make the shot but how he might react in the aftermath was something of a concern.

A problem for another day.

Mine was to be the second gun fired. Only needed if he failed to hit the target from his position on the sixth floor of the Texas School Depository Building.

He would not miss.

It felt like everything stopped for a moment when the first bullet was fired. The shot was unsuccessful, my time had come.

But then he fired again.

This one found its target. I could see the President slump down in his seat. His wife looked confused, the shock would come later.

The final shot rang out.

Another hit. It was clear I wouldn’t be needed today. There would be other battles for me to fight before the war was won.

I turned and walked away.

He did not act alone.

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  1. There is a really interesting musical called Assasins that I saw in Dublin. It’s about the various assasins in American history. This reminds me of it in style and topic!

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