Big School…

Big School…

First day at ‘Big School’. There’s something about this that doesn’t feel right. He’s not ready, I’m not ready. Max is a bright kid so he’ll do what he needs to academically. Proud as this will make me, I’m far more concerned with achievement in the following areas:

1. Is he happy?

2. Is he healthy?

3. Does he laugh every day?

4. Does he make someone laugh every day?

5. Is he kind?

6. Is he a good friend?

7. Does he have good friends?

8. Is he curious about the world around him?

9. How often has he felt the wind in his hair and the sun on his face?

10. Can he tell when someone needs help but don’t know how to ask for it?

11. Does he help them as best he can?

12. Has he invented something that makes him billions and bought me a Yacht with it?

Good luck to my best friend. Go inherit the earth, make it better and then give it to those who deserve it.

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