Be kind to your mind…

Be kind to your mind.

This week I’ve been feeling far from my best. Destructive thoughts, a crippling lack of energy and a general fear of the future.

I’ve also delivered a, well received, two day leadership development programme. Sorted out a boiler issue in my flat for its new tenant (I actually fixed it myself 😳). Written a couple of blog posts that have been read by circa 500 people and had a couple of business development meetings which hopefully will lead to some exciting work in the near future.

The point of this post is not to get sympathy or attention for me (please don’t). It’s too highlight a few things:

1. People with mental illness are still capable of achieving things for themselves, their employers, their friends and their families. Don’t make the decision about what they can or can’t do for them, unless they ask you to.

2. Achievement can be a way of hiding mental illness from employers, friends and families. Don’t be fooled, don’t assume because they achieved that they are ok, don’t think they even value their own achievements as they probably don’t.

3. Encourage, using stealth if needs be, periods of ‘self care’ to become habitual. They will achieve more, learn to value their achievements more and be healthier in body and mind for building ‘self care’ into their routines. Heck, we probably all should do this whether we’re ill or not. Preventative measures and all that…

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11 thoughts on “Be kind to your mind…

  1. Love this! It absolutely applies to everyone. Self care is the key to productivity. Great post with a great message. It’s important for people to understand how to navigate mental illness.

  2. I struggled with depression in the past. It was never fun but there were moments were I could see myself being capable of working through it. Best of luck to you.

  3. Self care is a must for physical and mental well being…one doesn’t have hide the problem…better to look for treatments and find the best way out within the given limitations..
    Well written..

  4. You are so right on the money with this one. Self care is vital for over all well being! Also the achievement as a mechanism to hide mental illness. I can relate! Thanks for sharing.

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