The Bookshelf…


Once upon a time there was a bookshelf. Although it was designed to store one row of books, overtime, additional weight had been added.

There were books on top of books, photographs, a bowl where loose change and spare keys were kept and a small carriage clock.

Despite carrying the additional load the bookshelf took the strain and carried on. It did this for years and years with nobody noticing that the weight was ever so slowly becoming too much.

One night when everyone was asleep the bookshelf finally broke. In the morning people would come and pick up the things that had fallen to the ground, they’d find other places for them. The bookshelf would be regarded as having failed, it would feel like it failed.

The bookshelf would eventually be fixed but it would never be quite the same again. There was a fragility about it now which meant it could only hold a few books, less than it was originally designed for.

In reality it was the bookshelf that had been failed. Too much had been asked of it, more than it was capable of. Nobody had noticed the pain it was in and the bookshelf didn’t know how to tell them until it was too late.

Please be kind to your bookshelves.


15 thoughts on “The Bookshelf…

  1. simple yet so profound. Something I read for second but will make me remember not just for hours. =)

  2. Ha! Love the last line. This reminds me of how I started having seizures as an adult. I blamed my brain for being a “bad brain,” when in reality, I was overloading my brain and expecting way too much of it, just like that poor bookshelf.

  3. What a beautiful piece. The bookshelf could also represent a whole myriad of things within our lives, like aging parents, relationships under stress, and friends or family who carry huge burdens while feeling unappreciated. Keep up your writing – it’s fantastic!

  4. After ravenously collecting more books than we know what to do with and trying to whittle that monster down to no avail, finally redesigned our basement to accommodate our 2,000+ books collection with a 12 foot wall of floor to ceiling shelves! It looks like a frigging bookstore and we love it so much that we often use it as a background for our YouTube videos. We’ve seen comments where they mention the “library” we use to shoot our videos. I smile inside, knowing that this is our basement. 📚 Thanks for sharing a witty post.

  5. Okay, you got me. I have a wonderful book shelf that I have had for years and I do tend to put other things on that shelf other than books. Then when I get more books I just sort of pile them on a shelf. So now I know what I’m doing this weekend. I’m going to reorganize my books shelf and be kinder to it 🙂

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