An Obituary for Mother Earth…

An Obituary for Mother Earth.

EARTH Mother of the Universe. Passed away on 1st June, 2050, after a long battle with disease, war, destruction, extremism, intolerance and general unkindness. She was 4.543 billion years old.

A founder member of the galaxy, commonly known as the Milky Way, Mother Earth had been in something of a decline since it split from its seven partner planets in 2020, at the behest of the humans that lived on her.

MExit, sometimes simply referred to as Exit, was meant to provide greater control of the Earth’s atmosphere, ending freedom of movement between the planets.

This was done in an attempt to stop lifeforms from other parts of the Universe from coming to Earth and taking the jobs the humans needed to enable them to buy stuff wrapped in plastic.

In reality it left her isolated, as the remaining seven planets, led by Jupiter and Mars, thrived following a short period of reflection and reform aimed at moving their partnership forward.

Anticipated trade deals with planets in other galaxies failed to materialise, despite the promises from notable aliens like E.T. and ALF that they would.

History will show that this self inflicted wound, combined with the internal challenges, Mother Earth had been battling for a billion years or so, marked the beginning of the end for what had once been the most admired planet in the whole solar system.

Although no cause of death has been officially recorded, there is speculation that Mother Earth was killed by the humans that had inhabited the planet for the final 66 million years of her life.

To put it bluntly, the humans quite simply did not understand how fortunate they were to be able to exist on Mother Earth until it was too late.

In order to maintain the delicate balance needed to keep the planet healthy, humans were required to act in tandem with the Earth’s ever changing environment.

Instead they chose to chase short term satisfactions at the expense of the long term health of the planet that gave them everything.

In the end Mother Earth could fight no longer and she died.

The humans that brought about her demise died with her, as did an unknown number of other lifeforms who were innocent victims of the selfishness of mankind.

In time, a formal cause of death will be announced. It’s likely that factors such as global warming will have played a significant part but, perhaps, a simpler explanation can be offered within this obituary.

Mother Earth died of a broken heart.

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8 thoughts on “An Obituary for Mother Earth…

  1. Love it! Such great imagination…you’re on form this week. Speaking of Brexit type stuff, I went into the papershop the other day and the lady serving me…who I have a bit of a chat with…was looking through the newspaper and said ‘…I don’t pay much notice to the news…this Brexit stuff doesn’t concern us does it…?’

    She was actually NOT joking and I didn’t really know what to say to her without starting with ‘wtf?’

    I’m going to tell her to read this post…she might just come to understand then the gravity of the situation in an analogous form at least. Nice post! #mexit! Brilliant!

  2. Love this! It kind of goes with an article I wrote about you dont have to be a treehugger to recycle….yah….people…we tend to mess it up dont we? Love your writing style! Keep it coming! 🙂

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