For You…

You were there such a short time.

For nearly all of my life.

There was a moment that I recalled.

That you didn’t remember at all.

You told me about times I’d been there.

When I was someplace else.

I listened to the words you spoke.

But never heard what you said.

Maybe you thought I would see.

If only I’d open my eyes.

Now that you’re no longer here.

We talk much more than before.

I think we’ve become quite close.

Though I’ll never see you again.

4 thoughts on “For You…

  1. Phill, reading this eloquent poem, I wondered if you’ve ever read Martha Cooley’s “The Archivist” (published by Little Brown & Co, 1998). I just finished it and found it amazing. I think it would resonate with you. From the NYT review: “Cooley has given us something valuable and rare.”

    1. Hi, thanks for reading and for the recommendation. I haven’t had the pleasure of this book so will seek it out. Travelling a lot the next few months so always on the look out for something good to read.

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