It’s different for everyone.

But much of it’s the same.

Hopelessness and despair.

As we circle the drain.

It’s an illness they say.

But it hides in the dark.

Invisible to many.

Causes others great pain.

It’s a master assassin.

A torturer in chief.

Chooses not to discriminate.

When it strikes at your soul.

They fill you with pills.

And ask you to talk.

As though this tames the lion.

That rattles your cage.

For some it does pass.

It waves them goodbye.

But for me when it’s silent.

It’s just playing the game.


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3 thoughts on “Depression…

  1. Years ago, I realized that everything’s on a continuum–Asperger’s, anxiety, depression. What are the cut-off points? Who decides? As they say in Barbados, it is what it is. Wishing you more easier days than troubled ones.

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