Social Media…

Social Media…

I find social media guilty.

Of crimes against humanity.

It has stolen old fashioned creativity.

Manufactured fake empathy.

Hidden our sociability.

Created an obsession with food photography.

Filtered our real truth.

And our facial blemishes.

It’s made us crush candy.

Poor ice buckets over our heads.

Write cryptically (Inbox me hun).

Pose ridiculously.

Over and over and over again.

It’s turned idiots into trolls.

Made a star of the hashtag.

And it celebrates the talentless.

I’m posting this poem as a reminder.

Of what we are.

And as a warning.

Of what we’ll become.

Feel free to like it though.

To comment and say that I’m great.

Click on the icon for retweets or shares.

Give me a follow.

Send me a friend request.

DM me if you want.

I’m always around.

Hiding from reality.

Crying out for attention.

Just like you.

5 thoughts on “Social Media…

  1. Mea culpa, I confess I did “like” it. I especially liked “filtered our real truth,” as I’m often struck by how most people portray their lives on FB as free from friction, disappointments, “low-achieving” children, money problems, or any other “negatives” widely present in Real Life.

    1. Agreed, although the poem is meant to be a little ‘tongue in cheek’ there is a serious element to that line. Some people, particularly the younger generations perceive the lives they see displayed on social media as reality. When there own doesn’t measure up it causes a whole raft of potential issues.

      Thanks, as always, for reading and commenting.

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