Buddy’s Poem…

Buddy’s Poem…

I’m Buddy, cool name I know.

A puppy turned poet.

Creating canine compositions.

And pooch based prose.

I’m a guard dog by day.

A bard dog by night.

I write about cats.

And their despicable ways.

Also about humans.

Who feed me my lines.

My best friend’s a man.

A poet as well.

But his work is lacking.

No bark and no bite.

I hope he doesn’t read this.

He’ll get all upset.

But we can’t all be Shakespeare.

Or Adrian Mole.

I hope you enjoyed this.

A freebie this time.

My next one will cost you.

Though still reasonably priced.

In return for my poetry.

All that I’ll ask.

Is a tickle of my tummy.

And a walk in the woods.


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