You are not my friend.

We mix in some similar circles.

Attend the same sorts of places.

I share my drunken ramblings.

You take me elsewhere.

But you are not my friend.

I thought you were the answer.

We were on the same team.

That you’d be there for me.

With me.

When life did it’s thing.

We were comrades in arms.

Against those deadliest of foes.

Together we did battle.

With anxiety and despair.

But you are not my friend.

A marriage of convenience.

Is all it’s really been.

Mutually beneficial.

A pure business deal.

But you are not my friend.

You hurt my people.

Helped to tear them apart.

They’d made you their everything.

Overpaid your heavy price.

I won’t stop drinking completely.

But you’ll be kept at arms length.

You’ve been seen for what you are.

The means to an end.

A bridge towards oblivion.

My short term escape.

But you are not my friend.

4 thoughts on “Alcohol

  1. I say this with love..Alcohol can’t be “managed”. If your drinking is bothering you or those you love, that looks a lot like alcoholism. I speak from experience.

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