This one is about a friend of mine. He’s read it and is ok with it being published.

Although it’s based on his story, I think there’s some messages in here we can all consider. As the words came, I certainly began to reevaluate my own approach to this particular friendship. I hope they are a platform for me to do better.



Jamie has nothing.

Nothing at all.

Lives in a caravan.

All on his own.


Jamie has everything.

Everything he needs.

Living in freedom.

Content to just be.


Jamie is dying.

Dying a slow death.

Drowning in moonshine.

Suffocating his soul.


Jamie is living.

Living his values.

Owning his choices.

Inspiring another way.


Jamie is a loser.

Loser in life.

Wasted his potential.

Let people down.


Jamie is a winner.

Winner at survival.

Overcoming his demons.

Still being around.


Jamie is history.

Belongs in the past.

It’s over for him.

Time to move on.


Jamie is his future.

Opportunities await.

Upwards and onwards.

For my very good friend.

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