I fully understand that there will be some who disagree with the content of this poem. Many more probably don’t care, particularly those of you not in the UK.

Although my politics are fairly obvious, what I think this is really about is the danger these kind of attacks are having on an already divided country.

It’s written from the point of view of somebody who would have preferred to stay within the EU, but the same sentiment could be applied from those who voted leave who have had to get used to being called; racist, xenophobic, stupid etc..

The point I am trying to make is that debate is good, difference of opinion are normal, strength of feeling is understandable but, there will come a point (maybe a while off yet 😳), where the end game will have been played and we will need to heal the wounds.

We all have a choice as to how deep these wounds end up being and, therefore, how long they take to heal.

Here ends the sermon 😘. I hope you enjoy the poem. Please share…


Traitor to my country,

a disgrace to the flag.

Let down our Queen,

brought shame on my home.


I didn’t sell secrets,

to men in the shadows.

Or reject those values,

many died to protect.


The choice I made,

that sealed my fate.

Born out of love,

a deep sense of fear.


My children would lose,

their future less sure.

A generation let down,

by those from before.


The worries I hold,

may prove to be wrong.

Until that day comes,

I want to Remain.


So traitor I am,

to those with their signs.

Enemy of the people,

a minority to loath.


The label sits heavy,

I’m not what they say.

But family comes first,

my loyalty with them.


If this defines me,

as a traitor in chief.

Then guilty I plead,

I am what I am.


2 thoughts on “Traitor…

  1. I often reflect on how England fended off a Hitler-occupied Europe for more than a year on its own until America finally found the moral courage to lend a hand. And I wonder: Who will save us this time?

    1. We are living in difficult times. My fear is it will get worse before it gets better. I watch the news from behind the sofa these days…

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