Pineapple on Pizza…

I’m going through a bit of a ‘controversial’ phase.

The other day I wrote about politics.

Today I’m suggesting fruit added to pizza is a good thing!

This could prove to be a step too far 😳.

Pineapple on Pizza…

Pineapple on Pizza.

A controversial choice I know,

not everyone’s cup of tea.

For many an outrage,

a crime against food.


But for me it’s delightful.

The perfect combination.

With pepperoni, ham or just cheese.


I urge you to give it a try.

Put aside your prejudices and eat.

Just Eat,

Uber Eats,


I love saying that.


You could make it yourself.

I’d even recommend frozen,

but just as a last resort.


From the first bite you’ll be smitten.

You’ll devote your life to the pineapple.

Get a Jason Lee (See the link below).

You might even add it to other food.






even a Swiss Roll,

or a Foie Gras,

whatever that is.


Some might even begin to accessorise.

Rings in the ears.

Chunks replacing diamonds.

Spears as nail extensions.

The shell as a hat.


But you’ll always have your favourite,

where it all began,

to which you’ll regularly return.

Pineapple on pizza,

You know it makes sense.


Jason Lee 👇

So what do you think! Yes or No?

Please share and let’s find out what your friends and family think.

7 thoughts on “Pineapple on Pizza…

  1. Thanks for sharing, love your writing. I love pineapple on pizza, Hawaiian pizza is my absolute favorite.

  2. Im with you and the revolution starts now……ok, you head to Napoli with a tin of pineapple chunks and I’ll man headquarters……good luck fellow pineapple lover, you’re gonna need it.
    RIP Phil 😭

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