One of the best things about sharing my writing is seeing that people are reading it in all corners of the world.

There aren’t many of you but your quality trumps quantity every time.

I particularly enjoy it when someone follows from a place I haven’t heard of. I like looking the name up on the internet and learning a little about where they’re from.

With that in mind, here is a short poem about the County I’m from. Yorkshire is in the North of England and it’s a very special place.

Please share so others can understand more about the magic of Yorkshire.


God’s own county they call it.

It’s where I live,

where I was born.

A place of great beauty.

With a story around every turn.


At its heart lie the Dales.

Landscapes to savour,

unspoilt and serene.

Come sit for a while.

Let it soothe your soul.


To the east is the coast.

The seaside towns,

hidden smugglers coves.

Watch the fishing boats.

Dip a toe in the sea.


In the north you’ll find York.

Rich with history,

a jewel in our crown.

Walk the city walls.

Explore the narrow streets.


I live in the west.

Wakefield’s my home,

birthplace of Robin Hood.

Enjoy the Merry City.

Try the Westgate Run.


The south has Sheffield.

A city forged in steel,

carved into seven hills.

Meadowhall for shopping.

A Peak District gateway.


It’s people are unique.

Straight talking it’s true,

but kind to their core.

Come see for yourself.

Yorkshire welcomes you.


I welcome you.

3 thoughts on “Yorkshire…

  1. Great photos of a beautiful region. I spent a weekend in York when I was studying for a semester at the University of London. This was a “few years” back, but I remember enjoying a pint or two in a great pub, the name of which someday I may recall…

    1. There are many great pubs in York. London is a fantastic City but I’m always glad to hear that a visitor to our country managed to see something other than our capital.

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