Jake the Snake is a suspect.

Holds a grudge against the victim,

over money he believed he was owed.

He was close to the scene of the crime,

and he’s known as a violent man.


Ethel was the victims girlfriend.

She’s not always been exclusive,

although that would be news to him.

The truth is she’d wanted out,

once she’d seen Jake’s Snake.


Harry didn’t even know him.

But he enjoyed a good old murder,

whenever the opportunity arose.

He’d definitely been in the area,

left bodies not yet exposed.


The local Godfather is possible.

Our victim did mix in circles,

that attracted some criminal types.

There’ll probably be an alibi,

a wall of silence as well.


I’m the Policeman in charge.

Of bringing the guilty to justice,

and making the people feel safe.

But I need some help from you,

to solve the riddle of whodunnit.


Who do you think it was?

Did you see anything peculiar?

are there stones I haven’t yet turned?

Many questions unanswered,

perhaps I should up the reward.


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