Why I Write…

It’s National Poetry Day, here in the UK. I thought I’d mark it with a short piece about why I write.

Thanks, as always, for reading and it’s always very much appreciated when you choose to share.

Happy National Poetry Day to you 😊.

Why I Write…

I write because I like words,

the way they dance into your heart.


I write because I’m shy,

It’s how I reach out and touch.


I write because I’ve been ill,

it’s therapy to help me stay well.


I write because I’m lonely,

but people can be too much.


I write because I can,

a privilege others are denied.


I write because there’s talent,

which isn’t easy for me to say.


I write because I love it,

brings happiness that’s hard to find.


I write because you read it,

appreciated more than you know.


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