From my Bed…

I couldn’t sleep last night so started writing and this happened 👇. Not sure if it constitutes any form of poetry but anyway…

From My Bed…

Not sleeping.




No hurry though.


That’s the one.

I’m gonna start an evolution from my bed.

Like John did?

No, he was a revolutionary kind of guy.

So was Yoko.

Gal anyway.

The one he never, ever, ever, ever was gonna let go.

Until he did.

Although that probably wasn’t his fault.

It wasn’t karma.

Instant or otherwise.

Unless it was.

That’s enough about Lennon.

Or any other Beatle.

Back to evolution.

It’s a slow process.

Like staring contests with statues.

I never win them.

Statues 163, Me 0.

They tire me out.

That’s why I’m in bed.


You are too.

Everything is.

I should know.

I started it.

From my bed.


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