This Feeling…

A poem to mark ‘World Mental Health Day’.

After a decent period of calm, I’m back ‘clinging to the edges’, or ‘circling the drain’ as I sometimes refer to it.

I am much better equipped to deal with it now, so I know I’ll be ok. There are others who are not, however, and they need your help. Even if they are, they will still appreciate your kindness. I know I always do.

This Feeling…

It always starts this way,

out of sorts, out of tune.

Sometimes I know why,

mostly it just is.


This feeling that I get,

the start of a fall.

A sense of foreboding,

an inner distress.


Weighed down by thoughts,

that pull at my soul.

I cling to the edges,

but lose my grip.


The darkness is calling,

shouting my name.

I try to resist it,

a hopeless task.


I’ve been here before,

I know what to do.

Just ride it out,

wait for the light.


The day may come,

when the cycle breaks.

I can’t get home,

there’s no way out.


If the moment arrives,

don’t blame yourself.

There’s just no escape,

for people like me.


I know that’s not true,

It’s just how I think.


It’s just how we think.


It’s just how they thought.


2 thoughts on “This Feeling…

  1. I could see you have been in a “good space” for some time, Phill. Hoping the difficult days will be brief, and glad you have your writing as an anchor through it all.

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