Eggs are excellent,

eggs strodinary even.


You can fry them.

Sunny side up,

or sunny side down.


You can poach them.

Like Delia taught us,

vinegar’s the key.


You can scramble them.

Get busy with a whisk,

be careful not to spill.


Some like them Benedict.

Disgusting state of affairs.


I’ve tried them raw.

Not my best idea.


They’re great in a sandwich,

add a sprinkling of cress.


You can throw them at busses,

policemen and politicians.

They’re a prison staple,

served with no remorse.


My best friend’s an egg,

a good one at that.


They can turn rotten,

so watch out for that.

Salmonella’s not pleasant,

you’ll be sick on your shoes.


Time for my breakfast,

can you guess what I’ll have?

Cornflakes for me,

I’ve run out of eggs.


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