Little Englander…

Little Englander…

I’m from England,

St. George in my heart.

I’m better than you,

as an accident of birth.


Englishness defines me,

my flag and my queen.

Much to be proud of,

a country unique.


We won the war,

two of them at least.

This gives me the right,

to dismiss your beliefs.


I don’t like foreigners,

the Scots or the Welsh.

The Irish are terrorists,

and should all be in jail.


Travel poisons the mind,

so I stay close to home.

I mix with my own,

we sing the same tune.


I’d never admit it,

perhaps I don’t know.

My soul hides a fear,

that I’m not what I think.


The England I love,

was not built by me.

My Union Jack shorts,

did not set us free.


Pride in the country,

I love to my core.

Is not proved by actions,

that embarrass the crown.


I think I’m protecting,

the values we hold.

But hatred of difference,

threatens all that we know.


So I’ll open my eyes,

and learn how to hear.

This little Englander,

beginning to grow.


I’m grateful you’re here,

to share who we are.

My flag now a beacon,

that welcomes you home.



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