Relationship Status…

Relationship Status…

My status says single,

I much prefer it that way.

Much better by myself

dancing to my own tune.


I’m in a relationship,

we’re much happier than you.

They’re the love of my life,

nobody has what we have.


We’re engaged to be married,

exchanged on our house.

A bambino on the way,

we’ve rescued a stray dog.


I’m married to my soul mate,

my lover and best friend.

We’re the perfect family,

I have all I’ll ever need.


The phrase is ‘it’s complicated’,

we’ve just grown apart.

They’re not who I thought,

I’m just not the same.


My status says single,

I’m so much happier now,

Life is completely perfect,

although they do seem nice…


One thought on “Relationship Status…

  1. I’m married to my soul mate, except when I hate her guts.

    my lover and best friend, except when she’s my mortal enemy

    We’re the perfect family, except that we’re not.

    I have all I’ll ever need. If only it were that simple. I’m perpetually unsatisfied when I’m not in bliss.

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