My Work…

This one might have a limited audience. It’s about the thing I do for a living that actually pays money (unlike this creative writing/poetry malarkey).

I wrote it last night on an aeroplane home from Bulgaria where, I’ve spent the majority of the week, facilitating Communication Skills workshops. A rewarding, exhausting, exhilarating, exhausting, fascinating, exhausting week it’s been as well. My work always is…

My Work…

I often get asked what I do,

when I’m not making stuff up.

A good question I retort,

it’s a little hard to explain.


I work in Human Resources,

but I try not to be mean ☺️.

The bit I do involves Training,

on stuff people don’t always need.


I teach things like leadership,

which requires a particular skill.

I’m often faced with delegates,

not really born to take charge.


It doesn’t mean they can’t do it,

they can lead from wherever they stand.

The trick is helping them see that,

there’s room for more than one way.


I’m actually quite good at my job,

delivered all over the world.

I see how different cultures,

have shared and different needs.


For me it’s not the money (good job really),

that keeps me on my feet.

It’s those moments when a lightbulb,

goes on for one of my group.


They’ve learned something new,

see how it helps them achieve.

A roadmap to their future,

an obstacle I’ve helped to remove.


It’s often said about my work,

that really, ‘anyone can do that’.

But I’m twenty years in the making,

and I’m nowhere near complete.


I learn everyday in the classroom,

something that helps me grow.

Often it’s born out of failure,

a pathway to tomorrow’s progress.


As an introvert it’s a challenge,

to stand up front on my own.

But I’ve learned how my energy,

can be fuelled by others success.

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