My Last Day…

My Last Day…

The sun shone on my last day,

early spring with a beautiful light.

I shrugged off my lethargy,

climbed out of bed.

Enjoyed the view from the window,

the colours danced bright.


I saw my face in the mirror,

that look only I seem to see.

I studied this stranger,

no escaping his truth.

Downstairs to the kitchen,

time alone with just me.


A little late for my friends,

but at least I did try.

We share our stories,

I give nothing away.

These people love me,

I have no idea why.


Onwards to the restaurant,

great company, nice food.

I laughed at the jokes,

made plans for next time.

Said my farewells at the door,

I’d hidden my mood.


Walked towards my home,

still no real plan.

I headed to the bridge,

maybe I now knew.

The answer seemed clearer,

a voice told me I can.


And then I jumped.


I cried and then I jumped.


I smiled and then I jumped.


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