At first it was just laughter,

jokes at our expense.

We’d lost in the end,

the ‘people’ got their way.


We’d hoped that divisions,

would be allowed to heal.

Instead it became clear,

we were hopelessly naive.


Within months our names,

were published online.

They shared our numbers,

and showed where we live.


Declared traitors to the flag,

enemies of the state.

A new class system emerged,

based on who wanted what.


Laws began to appear,

that kept us in place.

Our property was seized,

we lost the right to vote.


A uniform was made,

they forced us to wear.

‘People’ need protection,

to know when we’re near.


Of course it’s opposite,

we’re attacked in the street.

Those words ignited violence,

gave it an acceptable place.


We’d heard the rumours,

whispers in the shadows.

Our kind were disappearing,

we were no longer safe.


Last night they came,

said I had to leave.

To pack the bare minimum,

no time for goodbyes.


The lessons of history,

show me my fate.

Is this what they wanted,

was this always the plan?








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