When we were…

This one’s about seizing the moment. Whenever it comes along…

When we were…

When we were ten you lived across the street.

You ignored me of course,

social convention demanded it.

Boys your age don’t talk to girls.

But I knew you liked me,

I liked you too.


When we were fourteen we shared our first kiss.

You weren’t very good.

There was a lot of enthusiasm,

I loved you for that.

You said I was your first,

I told a white lie.


When we were eighteen you left our little town.

It was inevitable really.

You were going away to be something,

to become someone.

We promised to stay in touch,

life got in the way.


When we were forty we found each other again.

Fate did its thing.

You were back in our town,

first time in years.

I was married then,

but not in love.


When we were fifty one we moved in together.

Bought a little home.

Those were the best days,

our very best years.

We lived for our moments,

made up for time lost.


When we were sixty four you left me once again.

You won’t be back.

Illness came for you,

It took you far away.

I think of the chance missed,

when we were ten.


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