Anxiety, Depression and Me…

I know this time of year can be difficult for many. I’m always a little reticent to repost this as I know so many have already seen it (more than 60k at the last count).

Unlike most of my other promotional posts this one really isn’t about just boosting my audience, it gets loads of views every day without my meddling hand. It really is about trying to help by sharing my own experiences. I know it’s managed to do that with a few people already.

It’s a post I wrote about eighteen months ago that talks about my challenges with anxiety and depression. I’m not sure it’s brilliantly written but it is very real.

If you haven’t read it before maybe you will at least find it interesting. If you have maybe it’s something that’s worth a share. You just never know…

There are some links to other posts in there but feel free to ignore those.

Anxiety, Depression and Me…


2 thoughts on “Anxiety, Depression and Me…

  1. When I was a classroom teacher, I read a great deal about diagnoses for various learning/behavioral issues. The need for qualifying (and quantifying) by applying various labels to kids does serve some function in the classroom–mostly in terms of getting appropriate staffing funding–but my takeaway was that all these labels are really about conditions that are on a continuum. Where does social awkwardness become Asperger’s? When do “the blues” cross the line into depression? This is a good post, Phill, an important post. We need to bring our difficult experiences into the light. Nothing is worse than feeling alone. As Terence wrote: “Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto.” “I am human, therefore nothing human is alien to me.”

    1. Thanks Amy. I’d like to say that this was my prime motivation for writing it. I hope it was and it’s certainly my driver for sharing it now. The truth is I’m not one hundred percent sure what I was thinking at the time of writing. I know I was in pain, I get that writing is a way for me to share and reach out and I’m fairly sure I thought it might help others but my memory is hazy. Prescription drugs, mental illness and other coping strategies can do that to you.

      Thanks as always for taking the time to feedback.

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