Lying Down…

I think it’s important, in order to maintain our sense of wellbeing, that we take time out to do something we enjoy, something we excel at.

With this in mind, here’s a poem about lying down.

Lying Down…

I love lying down,

it helps that I’m good at it.

Darn good.

A black belt.

The Don.

My skills were honed,

on the birthday party circuit.

Dead Lions game.


between age six and thirty eight.

As a student I took it on,

to a whole other level.

I didn’t get up for three years,

still got a degree.

A Desmond on my course,

First Class Honours in lying down.

Now I’m a parent,

I need to set an example.

Hard work I tell them,

is the only way to go.

Be active I implore,

you’ll have a better life.

Once they’ve gone though,

It doesn’t take long.

I stretch out my legs,

wiggle my toes.

A satisfied sigh,

makes its way to the surface.

I’m back where I belong,

having a nice lie down.

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