On a good day it’s there,

lurking patiently in the shadows.

It’s watching, waiting.

A reminder that life,

will never be the same.


On a bad day it’s there,

touching all that you are.

It’s holding, harming.

An all consuming force,

suffocating its helpless prey.


Today my grief is there,

taunting from within my soul.


Tomorrow it will be there too.


2 thoughts on “Grief…

  1. I imagine this past week’s elections haven’t helped you to feel any better. All I can say is hang tight, and remember what Winnie said: If you’re going through hell, keep going.

  2. It’s a funny thing, grief…it comes to me like ocean waves. Sometimes they’re way out on the horizon & others, it washes over me & engulfs me. I feel you!

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