Two Poems…

I wrote these two poems, around, eighteen months apart.

If you’re feeling like I was when I wrote the first one, hang on in there, talk to someone, see a doctor, do whatever you need to do to get you through the pain.

It is possible to get from the sentiments in the first poem, to those in the second. It might not feel like it, but it really is.


The Figure Below…

As I float above and look down I see.

The figure below that shouldn’t be there.

Taking a space they don’t deserve.

Frightened to move but also of being still.

Pain seems to be their blanket against the cold.

I hope they are suffering, that they are paying the price.

I know they want to die today but I will not let them.

Death is a reward they do not warrant.


The Light…

This morning I awoke in the light.

Feeling hope in the day.

Sensing joy in the world.

Hearing the noise of contentment.

Seeing happiness,

waiting and smiling.

For me.

For me.

Imagine that.


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