Michael Hutchence…

I watched the film about Michael Hutchence last night.

Although I was never a massive fan of INXS and always felt he wasn’t somebody I could really relate to as he wasn’t as good looking as me 😳 I took a lot from watching it and now think of him very differently.

If you have access to the BBCi player and would like to watch the film, I’ve included the link below.


I know hindsight can be a wonderful thing but it seemed to me that his fate was sealed years before the night of his death. He just looked like he was on that path.

In his case, he also suffered a brain injury which almost certainly had an impact on his state of mind. His life was also full of the kind of drama that, perhaps, he wasn’t equipped to deal with but I think he was also predisposed to do what he did.

It made me think that there are many people on that path. It doesn’t mean they will all end their lives in the way he did, just that the possibility they might is higher than the average. There is a certain vacant look in their eye, the body language they use, particularly holding their hand across the face. There’s probably something genetic as well and I know drugs and alcohol don’t help.

Obviously not everybody is Michael Hutchence but there are many like him, many on his path. We should look out for these people, learn to see and feel the signs. Try and help them find a different path or, at least, not follow theirs to the end.



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  1. I’m all for a world where we look out for each other. I don’t know why so many people have yet to see the benefit in that for everyone.

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