Hope you like the words but, if not, click the links and enjoy the music inspired by Sunday.


Today is Sunday.

The Bangles fun day.

When they didn’t have to run day.

Unlike their Monday’s.

Which were blinking manic.

Blondie knew a Sunday girl.

She lived on a lonely street.

Liked ice cream and was very sweet.

Her guy was a scoundrel though.

Cheated with a different girl.

I knew some guys with Small Faces.

They did nothing on a Sunday afternoon.

Lazy swines the lot of them.

They wrote a song about it though.

Which is really rather good.

There was once a terrible Sunday.

Same year as I was born.

Blood on the streets of Derry.

Not our finest hour.

Lessons not really learned.

Pleasant Valley the place to be.

If you’re a cheeky monkey.

And a rock band to boot.

Their mothers think their lives are hard.

Which their kids don’t understand.

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