Desperately Seeking…

Sometimes my poems are based on the ‘here and now’.

Others, like this one, are more a reflection of a different time and a reminder of what could be again. I remain in the cycle…

Desperately Seeking….

Desperately seeking peace of mind,

so I sleep through the night.

A calmness of thought,

the volume turned down.


Desperately seeking a helping hand,

there when I need it most.

A strength beyond mine,

the words that sooth.


Desperately seeking a loving embrace,

just one is all that I need.

A gesture that shows,

the unseen is accepted.


Desperately seeking a different way,

that cycle broken at last.

A future more certain,

the light shining bright.


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2 thoughts on “Desperately Seeking…

  1. Love this poem, Phill. One way I cope is to get out in the streets with other democratic-minded people and holler for change. The other way is to escape to Barbados for a couple of weeks in the winter. The people are lovely and the humanity vibe very good.

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