Two Voices…

Listen, in others, for both voices. One might be harder to hear but if you really concentrate it might well be there.

If you hear/see/feel an inner voice like the one in the poem then be another version of their outer voice. It’ll be two against one then. Together you can drown the scoundrel out.

If it’s your own inner voice that’s sprouting this nonsense then ignore it. You are not what it’s telling you. Not even close…

Two Voices…

Outer Voice…

I’m doing very well,

I can’t complain,

moving forwards.


I’m feeling fine,

enjoying my life.


All is good.


It’s harder for others,

those unwell,




I’m lucky really,

born with a lot.


A strong family,

really good friends.


Thanks for asking,

but I’m really ok.

Inner Voice…

This isn’t your world,

you don’t belong,

you don’t fit in.


It’s your fault,

I tried to tell you.


Over and over again.


You’re not good enough,

fun enough,

clever enough,

kind enough.


You are horrifically ugly,

outside and in.


Nobody likes you,

they just pretend they do.


If you decide to go,

you won’t be missed.


I’ll be glad to be free,

you’re ruining my life.


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